A Summer Drone Schedule

In case you were wondering what is happening in the drone world this summer.

James Bridle, A Quiet Disposition June 19th to July 7th, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. James Bridle’s drone art has received a lot of attention recently: his provocative and innovative style has earned him a comparison to Warhol and Duchamp. This show puts together five of Bridle’s “research-based projects” and follows two successful shows in the UK and Turkey. Bridle is best known in the drone debate for his “drone shadows,” one of which has been installed on the sidewalk outside the gallery. Bridle was featured in last week’s Roundup.

Code Pink simulation of life under 24-hour drone surveillance June 22nd, 11a.m., Astor Place in Manhattan, New York. Code Pink, the fierce women’s pacifist group known for disrupting congressional hearings and presidential speeches, will be staging a protest against drones in New York City this Saturday. Their goal is to replicate the experience of living under drones for New Yorkers. From the press release: “15 or so (women and men), each with a white, crossing guard diagonal sash, will be staged about 10 paces apart around a small area of Astor Place at Lafayette, next to The Cube… to produce ‘the zone.’ They stand silent, as cautionary figures… looking much like crossing guards might if so instructed. The guards are holding upright and steady 8 foot PVC poles. On each pole is a sign that reads: “DRONE ALERT!  YOU HAVE ENTERED A DRONE ZONE. PLEASE BE PREPARED TO TAKE SHELTER QUICKLY.”  On top of each pole is mounted a mini-speaker emitting a low audio track of a drone continuously buzzing (as drones do flying over a Pakistani village), sourced from iPods or smart phones in their pockets.” If you can’t make it, no need to worry, they plan to stage many more events like it throughout the summer.

Jacob Appelbaum, Trevor Paglen, and Laura Poitras, on Surveillance June 30th, 1pm, MoMA PS1, New York City. As part of Triple Canopy’s lecture series, “Speculations (The Future is ______),” these three important figures in the contemporary debate about surveillance will be discussing how the government watches us and how the individuals can “reclaim” their anonymity. This talk is especially pertinent in light of the recent revelation of the NSA’s cyber-surveillance program. The “Speculations” series, which will run until late July, features a brimming schedule of fantastic talks.

UAV Pros-Cons: Policing, Surveillance, and Everyday Life June 30th, Ryerson University, Toronto. For its 7th Forum on the Social Implications of National Security, Ryerson will host a diverse group of speakers to debate the benefits and drawbacks of drones. As the organisers put it, “The public needs a unified debate that examines the pros and cons of drones in all contexts.” Speakers include Ian Hannah, Alexander Hayes, and Katina Michael.

Pilobolus on Tour various dates and cities. Pilobolus, a New York City based contemporary dance theater, integrates UAVs into their performances. They maintain an active touring schedule. Their summer schedule includes performances in Cincinnati, Durham, Seoul, New York City, and Chicago, among other cities. Their full tour schedule is available here.

The Drones, Live in Concert June 30th, The Underworld, London. Even though their music doesn’t seem to have a great deal to do with UAVs, their name puts them on the list. Tickets here.

AUVSI Unmanned Systems Conference August 12th to 15th, Washington, DC. The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, the largest association of companies, academics, and non-profits working to advance the unmanned systems and robotics community, will be hosting its annual conference in August. As yet, the speaker list has not been released, but in previous years the conference has featured lectures by high profile figures such as Mr. Michael Huerta, Acting Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration; Lt. Cdr. Rorke Denver, U.S. Navy Seal and Lead Actor in the film “Act of Valor;” and Vice Admiral William R. Burke, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations Warfare Systems. Expect to hear the latest on the Federal Aviation Authority’s continuing efforts to prepare for the legalization of drones in 2015, as well as demonstrations of the latest in drone innovation.

Drone: The Automated Image September 5th to October 5th, Montreal. Paul Wombell will be putting together an expansive exhibition dedicated to drones, automation, and surveillance for the 13th edition of Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal. The show, which will feature works throughout the city of Montreal, will “explore how humans share the stage with technology, emphasizing the functions and intelligence of the camera and its transformation into an object that can inspire dreams. More than simply expanding vision into places where the human cannot travel, due to distance or danger, the camera is a sophisticated instrument with its own laws and its own agency.”


(Photo credit: SHFWire/Ja’kari Taylor)


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