Drone News Roundup 2/17

  • A new medal for drone pilots is causing uproar among veterans organizations. They argue that the pilots, operating from the safety of an American Air Force base, should not be awarded a medal category that outranks the Purple Heart.

Recommended blogs for commentary on drones and related issues. This week will focus on blogs relating to drones/war/natl security.
Law and National Security: Lawfare, Opino Juris
Geography/Technology/War: Geographical Imaginations, Progressive Geographies
Technology and Nat’l Sec: Danger Room (Wired Mag.) Robot Central
Nat’l Sec Strategy and Counter-terrorism: Abu Muqawama (CNAS), Selected Wisdom
Arms Proliferation: The Gun (CJ Chivers of NYT)

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Image courtesy of The Examiner.