Weekend Roundup 4/14

News Trending Now

The New York Times on how targeted killing has come to define the war on terror. “‘Does he turn [Anwar al-Awlaki] over to the Americans and risk a backlash? Does he hold him? It was easier for Saleh to let the Americans take a shot at Awlaki than to send his troops to catch him.’”

While the Obama administration may be cutting back on drone purchases, big money is being allocated for research into carrier drones. (Wired.com’s Danger Room Blog)

Drones will be used to keep an eye out for boats filled with asylum seekers to Australia. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Denel Dynamics, South African state-owned company, will help Saudi Arabia develop drones after the United States refused. (BD Live)

An article by Mark Mazzetti featured in our last roundup revealed that Pakistan made a secret deal with the United States to allow drone flights in their airspace. This week, ex-Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf confirmed Pakistan’s complicity.

In previous roundups, we have featured stories about drones used by animal rights groups. PETA joins the list of crusaders. (CNN) India is using drones to protect rhinos. (New York Times)

Google C.E.O Eric Schmidt joins the chorus of citizens worried about the privacy repercussions of the proliferation of mini-drones. (BBC News)

Cheap drone technology could save your life. (CNN Money)

Idaho has restricted drone use by law enforcement agencies. Florida follows suit.

NBC takes us inside the virtual cockpit of drones.

The New York Air National Guard will expand their hanger for drones at Fort Drum. (Watertown Daily Times)

Commentary and Analysis

Commentary on Opinio Juris blog discusses the McClatchy article that revealed the poor accounting of drone casualties.

Lawfare blog has published a lengthy bibliography on targeted killing.

Drones will not take over commercial aircraft anytime soon, according to the Atlantic.

Robert Lifton at the Huffington Post published reflections of drones: Part One and Part Two. “Drones have entered our consciousness. Suddenly they seem to be everywhere.”

3D Robotics founder Chris Anderson, the self proclaimed founder of the DIY Drones movement, talks the future of drones.

A lengthy paper by John Villasenor is available on domestic drones and privacy. (PDF)

Haaretz readers can access an article on the Israeli IDF’s vision for the future battlefield “from Iron Dome to unmanned drones.” (Paywall)

Know Your Drone

The Washington Post reports that a US Navy laser cannon that can shoot down drones and missiles is headed for the Persian Gulf.

Liquid Robotics has developed the first autonomous sea-going drone that uses the ocean’s waves for energy.

Boeing has revealed a massive drone that will act as a flying communications tower.

(Photo credit: Gizmodo.com)