Weekend Roundup 4/28

News Trending Now

The United States Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing this week titled ‘Drone Wars: the Constitutional and Counterterrorism Implications of Targeted Killing.’ Watch video here. (Senate.gov)

In testifying before the Judiciary Committee, Farea al-Muslimi, a 23-year old Yemeni national, argued that drone strikes are creating support for al-Qaeda and causing “psychological fear and terror.” (Wired.com)

The United Kingdom is reportedly flying drones from their home soil for the first time. (The Guardian)

In a public debate, all but one of NYC mayoral candidates opposed the use of drones. (New York Times)

The Boston Police Commissioner has said to the Boston Herald that “drones are a great idea” for the next Marathon. (Wall Street Journal) A fake Facebook post alleging that the Boston Marathon bombing suspect was killed by a drone went viral in Pakistan. (The World)

C.J. Chivers at the New York Times writes about how lessons from the wars, including the use of bomb disposing robots, are being brought Stateside.

Israel shot down a drone that was likely sent by Hezbollah over Haifa. (New York Times)

Chinese hackers are out for US drone prey. (Tech News Daily)

A hidden camera in Indianapolis has discovered a growing number of illegal commercial drones flying around, prompting concerns from pilots. (The Indy Channel)

The Air Force chief of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, Lt. Gen. Larry D. James says that his priority is to develop new tools to manage the enormous amount of data produced by drones. (Wired.com)

Confusion reigns after Sen. Rand Paul appears to contradict his earlier statements on drones: “‘If someone comes out of a liquor store with a weapon and $50 in cash, I don’t care if a drone kills him or a policeman kills him.’” (Forbes and The Atlantic)

Defense contractors specializing in making drones and high quality video surveillance systems showcase their products after the Boston bombings. (Wired.com)

U.S. combat drones will stay in Afghanistan after ground forces leave in 2014. (RT News)

AlterNet has a profile on the founders of General Atomics which makes the Predator drones.

The United States hopes that drones can help curb drug smuggling in the Caribbean. (Christian Science Monitor)

Commentary and Analysis

The Boston Herald editorial staff say “Bring on the Drones.”

‘Unmanned Aerial Ecologies: proto-drones, airspace and canaries in the mine.’

Lawfare Blog offers thoughts on the recent Oxford Union debate on drones.

Julia Thompson, writing for Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper, argues that the US needs to reassess their drone operations.

The case for why we shouldn’t fear the Reaper: it’s like the Internet! (Wired.com)

Know Your Drone

Dummy cities may be used in the six FAA designated domestic drone test sites: “‘You know those creepy images of the Nevada nuclear test site, with the fake houses and fake people? Think like that, but for testing drone surveillance.’”

The ‘Burrito Bomber’ rethinks fast food.

What can military drones do after retirement? The U.S. Geological Survey has an answer.

Archeologists in Mexico explore a burial chamber in the 1900-year old ruins of Teotihuacan using a robot.